Proposed Projects

Please check here for the latest information on proposed improvements to our water utility!

  • Water Main replacement
    Fall of 2020

    Believe it or not, our water district was formed back in 1964. One can only imagine how during the last 55 years water needs and requirements have changed throughout the district.

    To meet these changes PWSD#3 has upgraded and updated water mains. For example, from the junction of Highway 33/CC west to Mick tower; from Snow Tower West to Holt and from Snow Tower east under the interstate along Haynesville Road; and from Excelsior Springs water tower near the pasta plant to our junction at BB highway just north of Jesse James road.

    During our review of these updates another one of our important water mains is nearing the end of its useful life. To address this issue we are beginning the first steps to replace the main along Highway 33.
    This line extends from our water plant near Jesse James Park, north along highway 33 and connecting at the junction of CC Highway and Highway 33. This main has the distinction of being one of the oldest lines remaining in the district. We have completed the survey and currently in the engineering phase of the project.

    So as you see more colored flags and digging along highway 33, you will know that PWSD#3 is working at keeping our lines updated to provide quality water to you.

  • Water Plant Operator office
    Fall of 2019

    When the water plant was built back in the 60's the small area within the water plant was satisfactory for the minimal requirements DNR, OSHA and EPA required for a plant operator.  Today that small area no longer is a satisfactory place for the plant operator to complete their necessary tasks.  Moisture near computer equipment, noise, system-wide monitoring requirments and physiological need for a plant operator to be on-site for continual monitoring of water quality necessitates the need for a small building next to the water plant to meet these needs.