Water Testing Results

To ensure our continued commitment to quality water to our customers, Public Water Supply District #3 of Clay County (Clay #3) continues efforts to reduce TTHM levels. Medora Corporation completed the installation of the TTHM reduction equipment in each of the Districts water towers May 23, 2018.  The results since the equipment was installed indicates that it is functioning properly.  Also, Excelsior Springs equipment became operational at the end of July.  

Results indicate that our mitigation efforts are successful and improved our quality of water. 

Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the EPA require tests for TTHM once every three months and allows a Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) of TTHM of up to 80 parts per billion (ppb), based on a locational running average of four quarterly samples.  Clay #3 will continue testing to help ensure our mitigation efforts address TTHM levels.

There are 3 locations within our District where samples are taken.  

1. Clay #3 WTP  This is at our water treatment plant.

2. EX-SPGS This location is at the point where water is supplied from Excelsior Springs.  

3. SE Freeway Farms   This location is the farthest point from the water plant that we supply water to our customers.

(4.) We also added another testing location called Clay#3 control valve at Old BB to help us determine if further mitigation efforts are necessary. 

In addition to these tests, we are also taking the following actions to address the TTHM levels:

  • Ongoing flushing of water lines to ensure optimum fresh water supply;
  • Continued communication with Missouri Department of Natural Resources and Excelsior Springs regarding their mitigation efforts to reduce THM levels;
  • Excelsior Springs TTHM reduction equipment installed by July of 2018 to reduce TTHM levels at our purchase point near the Pasta Plant.   Completed!
  • Installation of TTHM reduction equipment in each of our water towers.  Completed! 

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